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Cinema of Excess

Cinema Of Excess

Sometimes we hear a song and we're beamed to a different world. Anirudh Ravi, Bharath Kashyap and Abheet Anand make up the acoustic trio that is Cinema of Excess, and the band does just that with every song they release and every show they play. Inspired and influenced by artists such as The Milk Carton Kids, John Mayer, Iron and Wine and Damien Rice, Cinema of Excess will make you go from nostalgic to heartfelt, and everything in between.

In 2019, they made their debut international tour with ‘The Boarding Pass Tour’ and they recently released a single ‘Beyond What’s Here’ with an accompanying video/BTS footage of their journey as musicians making music together.

Cinema of Excess is currently in the studio, working on many new releases this year including a single, a music video (or two?), and their long awaited second EP.



STEVIE is a 23 year old Singer-Songwriter with music in his blood and a solid FIFA addiction. With multiple releases including a debut self titled EP that released last year, and multiple shows all over the country over a short span of time, STEVIE crossed over 100,000 plays on Spotify last year.

STEVIE delivers a unique concoction of acoustic pop, alt rock, RnB, trap, hip hop and ambient electronica from ideas that stem from his acoustic guitar.

For 2020, STEVIE aims to bring a fresh and new flavour to his sound with the release of a hip hop/rap EP. Apart from the project, he’s also featuring alongside some surprise artists from around the country so the hype is real. STEVIE also recently introduced a new 3-piece live set up that dabbles with a trap/lo-fi sound, heavily relying on his hip hop/rap vocal chops.

Haiku-Like Imagination

Haiku-Like Imagination

Haiku-Like Imagination is a 5 piece post-hardcore / math rock band based out of Bangalore, India.

The band is a cohesion of pop-esque melodies with absurd, yet intricate rhythm structures. A powerhouse of dynamic polyrhythmic drum sections, melodic bass lines, twin guitar harmonies, robust screams combined with melancholic clean vocals and glitchy, dissonant breakdowns is a subtle description of our music. The music fiddles with extremities of happiness and chaos, symbolically representing the dynamics of life.

Their debut album 'Eat Lead, Motherbuzzer' released in April 2019 to much praise and acclaim, catching the ear of fans of the genre world-over.



Inalab is the assimilation of Gaurav Balani's (Bassist/Composer -Parikrama/Shubha Mudgal/Aditi Singh Sharma) journey as a bassist/ producer for several staggering Indie/Mainstream artists. The idea is to collaborate with as many musicians as possible and release experimental music like never before. Bringing varied artists together and binding their sound with a unique blend of Orchestral/Electronic element has been the theme behind Inalab's 8 single releases since 2016.

The live set varies from a duo (Vocals/Electronica) to a full blown band featuring a String/Horn section. At the risk of sounding arrogant, the band comprises musicians who have honed their skills with years of practice and extensive touring. Some of the recent collaborations include Shubha Mudgal, Keshav Dhar (SkyHarbor), Apeksha Dandekar, Jai Row Kavi (Blackstratblues/Divine) and Ujwal Nagar (Advaita)

The band is set to release their debut EP, The Commons on the 15th of April, 2020.



Tangents is a five-piece progressive metal band based out of Bangalore, India.

The soundscape the band creates is a mix of groove-oriented bass lines, polyrhythmic drum grooves with a whole lot of ghost notes, and melodic yet heavy guitar riffs combined with strong and heavy vocals. The experience that they try to bring to the stage is not one that’s just musical but one that connects to audiences on a primal and emotive level.

The band released their debut full length album, Motion/Emotion in April 2017.



New unannounced unreleased unfuckwithable music IN PROGRESS. More on this very soon. Keep those eyes peeled.


Cinema of Excess - Beyond What's Here (Official Music Video)

Cinema Of Excess - Sleep (Sofar Bangalore)

STEVIE - Hey Becky (Single)

STEVIE - 21 (Single)

STEVIE - All Night (Music Mojo)

Haiku-Like Imagination - Eat Lead, Motherbuzzer! (2019)

The Commons | INALAB | Official Music Video

Tangents - IGOR


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